Areas of Expertise

Online Therapy, Clinical Counselling, Integrative Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Couples Therapy.

Stress & Anxiety

Get freedom from an overactive, self-critical, runaway mind. End the worry trance. Balance your nervous system and be able to manage life's challenges with comfort and confidence

Depression, low-mood, dark night of the soul

Find comfort with yourself again by increasing self-compassion and taming that inner critic. Find relief from emotional pain. Experience greater emotional regulation and get back 'on your own side'. Learn to experience joy and start enjoying your life again.

Relationship struggles

Heal your relationship pain and trauma and recover that connection with others that once felt lost for good. Stop repeating negative relationship patterns and enjoy a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

You are not alone.

I offer a unique blend of healing modalities and complimentary techniques that get to the root cause of what's causing your problem or emotional pain. Only then can change begin to happen and be long-lasting.


I use an integration of research-based psychotherapies such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, sensorimotor psychotherapy, spiritual resource building, ACT therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, expressive arts therapies and other in-depth ways of helping you enjoy greater emotional regulation and the relief of positive internal behaviour changes that make sense for your most desired life.


Fundamentally my approach is relational and client-centred. I believe in psychotherapy that honours the importance of a safe, supportive and nurturing therapeutic relationship. This is the cornerstone of what makes therapy successful. It is important that you feel listened to, attuned to and accepted. You should feel you are coming to a welcoming place where your needs are the priority and you are not shoved into a one-size-fits-all model. 


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