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Nourishment for the Autumn Equinox

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

During this time of year, signalled by the Autumn Equinox, the seasons change and the wheel of the year turns again as the light begins a natural descent into the dark half of the year.

As we lean into this transition time, we as human begins may experience our own kind of descent. It is natural for us to be connected to the turning of the seasons, so it is also common that there is a natural turning down for rest and reflection. As we enter this liminal space, we may be experiencing a shift in mood or a pull towards what feels like a painful darkness.

How do we manoeuvre through this time and discover it's riches?

It may help to remember that sometimes we move into a dark night of sorts, precisely because there is important shadow work that is wanting to happen. If we embrace this natural cycle and see it as an opportunity to take some space, be quiet and listen in we may do the important work of unearthing limiting patterns that have been not serving our longing for freedom and wellbeing. When we take the perspective that all growth happens after a period of incubation we can see that you are planting the important growth seeds. The seeds you choose to plant can only be discovered by deep introspective listening that only happens when we are not overly busy.

Growth comes from being with our wounds and befriending our pain so that we can understand it’s gifts. Then, when we have done the important work of tending the growth that is nudging you from deep within, we move towards actualization of the new way of being. We can experience the reaping of what we sow, releasing old patterns and revealing a greater capacity for living, loving and feeling fully alive.


Begin by finding a comfortable place, free from distractions and take some centering breaths.

Consider these questions:

  1. In what ways are you sensing and orienting to this transition into the dark half of the year? How have you been experiencing this transition? All transitions can be turbulent at times. What self-struggle and inner turbulent tides are you experiencing now?

  2. When you are out in nature, with the fall smells, the crisp crackling sounds and the ways the autumn light peaks through, what ways do you feel comforted?

  3. In Jungian psychology, death is seen as a new beginning. Like a snake that sheds it’s old skin, our psyche also does it’s own shedding. What is something that is needing to be let go in order for you to live with a bit more freedom. This may be limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns. What do you want to shed right now, in order for you to live a little bit more?

  4. Imagine your future self sitting with you right now. Perhaps this is you at the start of spring. Take a moment to see your future self and notice they have an important message for you about what you are currently going through. What messages are you receiving? What does your future self want you to know about the struggle you are experiencing now? What kind words and encouragement are you hearing?

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