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“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”


Mental Health e-Chats

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Due to the current health emergency we are all facing, all my sessions have been moved online to e-chat, Videoconferencing or TeleTherapy platforms.

If you are someone who likes to write your feelings down and express your thoughts and feelings over instant messaging then booking one of my Mental Health e-Chat sessions might be a good option for you. 

Writing your struggles down has been proven to be an effective mental health tool. Therapeutic writing has been around for as long as the written word and offers a dedicated self-care practice to help you figure your struggles out. Adding in the support of a Registered Clinical Counsellor to message with you back and forth can give you that extra bit of connection, a sounding board and some guidance towards building resourcing tools that give you greater relief from anxious thoughts, negative inner talk, depressed mood and generally feeling alone. 

Being able to decide how you want to connect can give you that extra bit of comfort for your therapeutic journey. Much like in person appointments, I will keep connecting with you to make sure you are having a good e-Chat experience. 

As long as you have a computer, iPad or smart phone and a confidential space that you feel safe and comfortable in, we can begin our therapeutic eChat journey together.

How does it work?

Mental Health eChats are conducted over a secure, encrypted web messaging and file transfer platform. It is super easy to use. At the time of our eChat session you simply click a link that takes you directly to my online waiting room. We then both select no camera or microphone to keep the session over chat. 

You have two options to choose from:

  • 30min Mental Health eChat Mini Session - this is a pre-booked 30 minute mini session where we interact purely over secure messaging. First we arrange a time to book an intake session. Once you complete your booking you will be prompted to fill out some important information and consent forms to get us started. *This option is great for someone who wants a shorter, lower cost option for a bit of extra support.

  • 55 min Mental Health eChat Full Session - this is a pre-booked full session that includes pre-session therapeutic writing. Once you complete your booking you will be emailed some writing prompts to get your writing flowing. We then meet on our computers at our arranged time and I will review what you have written through secure file transfer, and prepare a recorded message for you. We finish with secure messaging for the remainder of the session. *This option is great for someone who likes to do journaling and wants more support for more challenging problems. 

Let's start chatting

If you have any questions about Mental Health eChat sessions you can contact me here. Why not give it a try? Check out my online booking page for available times.

eChats are not for everyone. If you are experiencing more severe mental health issues such as self-harming, suicidal ideation, psychosis or a diagnosed mental health disorder then eChat is not an appropriate platform. Contact me for my other services such as Videoconferencing or in-person sessions.

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