"Don't turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That's where the light enters you" Tara Brach


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I have been committed to building my professional toolkit with modalities that are research proven to be effective at restoring sense of empowered self, gladdening the mind and increasing confidence in emotional and nervous system regulation. I feel I am my best research subject so the methods that I use with my clients are all ways that I support my own wellbeing. 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which means that I weave in whatever tools and methods that are a fit for your struggle. I work primarily from a somatic and strength based perspective and a supportive, safe therapeutic relationship always underpins the work we will do together.

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Clinical Counselling & Psychotherapy

The foundation of the work I do is to provide a safe and compassionate space for us to bring about deep, intra-psychic change. Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy are often used interchangeably. Psychotherapy sessions treat depression, chronic anxiety and panic attacks, trauma and post-traumatic stress and general life struggles. The aim is to help you awaken your inner wise mind, change negative patterns and increase your resilience.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a gentle but powerful tool for bringing about insight, self-awakening, spiritual connection and belief change. Some say that what we believe dictates our moods and how we behave. I help my clients learn how to notice and reframe their beliefs more inline with their aims and higher self values. Clinical Hypnosis is deeply relaxing and teaches you to have more executive control over your nervous system.

Couples & Relationship Therapy

I work with my clients to improve their relationships with themselves and with others. As a fundamental aspect of wellbeing, relationships that thrive create happier lives. I am particularly interested in helping couples become more resilient through my skills and intimacy building approach. Learn more about my relationship therapy practice here: www.vidarelationships.com 

"You are the sky. Everything else - it's

just the weather"

Pema Chödrön