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"Don't turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That's where the light enters you" Tara Brach

I have been committed to building my professional toolkit with modalities that are research proven to be effective at restoring sense of empowered self, gladdening the mind and increasing confidence in emotional and nervous system regulation. I feel I am my best research subject so the methods that I use with my clients are all ways that I support my own wellbeing. 

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist which means that I weave in whatever tools and methods that are a fit for your struggle. I work primarily from a somatic and strength based perspective and a supportive, safe therapeutic relationship always underpins the work we will do together.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Individual Clinical Counselling
& Psychotherapy

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Clinical Somatic Hypnotherapy

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Couples & Relationship Therapy

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Professional Clinical Supervision

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Ready to get started? 

All of my clinical counselling services are delivered safely and effectively online using Doxy Videoconferencing.


Be assured online counselling has been proven to be just as effective. More so in any cases. Research has revealed that many clients feel more empowered to be able to choose their own location. Being in the comfort of your own space sometimes enables a deeper conversation. The feedback has been that after a while it starts to feel like we are in the same room. Much like in person appointments, I will keep connecting with you to make sure you are having a good experience. 

As long as you have a space that you feel safe and comfortable in with a decent internet connection, we can begin our therapeutic journey together. A computer, iPad or even a smart phone works.

If you have any questions about online counselling you can contact me here.


Why not give it a try? You can also book a no obligation free 15 minute Videoconferencing session to try it out. Check out my online booking page for available times.

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